Top Chinese Antiques

China is one of the old countries of the world with its existence dated back to more than 2000BC. There are Chinese antique artifacts that are worthless which you need to know to change your point of view about China. It will also teach you not to underestimate the knowledge of the ancient people.

The Chinese antiques are some of the most valuable and priceless artifacts that are in the world because the way they are built is unique and excellent. This article is going to show you some of the Chinese antiques and why they are valuable. 

Sword of Goujian

The sword of Goujian was found in 1965 in Hubei, China. It is made from cooper and tin. The sword is 21.9 inches long with a sword base of 3.3 inches long. It blades is 1.8 inches and it weighs up to 875 grams.

Uniquely, the sword retains it sharpness without no evidence of dullness and this is rarely found in antique thing. This sword is in a museum in Hubei. 

Qin Bronze Chariot

Qin Brown chariot consist of a two-piece Qin Dynasty artifacts and was found in 1980 at the Qin Shin Huang Mausoleum. The first piece of the artifact consists of a driver with two seats at the back with an umbrella made from bronze and the second one consist of a different carrier. Amazingly, the two are having about half of the size of a real horse. It is considered has one of the sixty-four historical artifacts that can never leave china. 

Jade Burial suits

Jade burial suit is usually a ceremonial suit that is made with pieces of jade, which are usually used to bury the royal members of the Han dynasty in china. Jade burial suits were first discovered in 1968 in Macheng, Hebei and they were those of Liu Sheng and Dou Wan. They consist of over 2000 plates of solid jades and were joined together with two and a half pounds of gold wire. Since then there were more jades burial suit found and were placed at the different museum in the country.  

Zhangjiashan Han Bamboo Texts

This is another Chinese antique artifact that was dated back to 196BCE. It consists of various written works of the Han Dynasty. It was found in 1983 by a group of archeologist excavating a tomb on mount Zhangjia. The written works consist of various military tactics, legal cases, medicine, and mathematics among others. 

These are some of the Chinese antique artifacts that make it clear that development begins from the old time and will continue to the future. All these can be found at various museums in china where they are kept.

Top Chinese Antiques