Terminologies used in Psychic Reading

Psychic is the ability to use the power beyond the physical senses to see the past and predict the future and by this, will help prevent evils that may befall you. These are some of the terminologies used in Psychic reading


Clairvoyance is the ability given to some psychic to see the event that happened in the past or those that will happen in the future. Those who have the ability to see beyond human eyes are called clairvoyants, and they can decipher event that happens in the past or predicts the ones to come. Some psychic have the ability to communicate with the dead ones.


This is another term used in Psychic reading and it means the ability to locate treasures based on the geographical alignments of the earth like the metals, oil, groundwater, gemstone and more. A dowser (the one with the dowsing ability) will hold an L- or Y- shaped rod and point it to the earth in an attempt to find the location of the treasure.


ESP is the shortened form for Extra Sensory Perception and it means the ability to sense without the use of the human senses (the eyes, nose, mouth, ears). It includes telepathy between individuals, prediction of the future and an ability to know things about people that cannot be perceived by any other means. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) became popular when Psychic sources reviews were carried out at Duke University in 1920 on the other ESP ability, which includes telepathy, clairaudience among others.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is the ability to heal the whole body, (which includes the body, mind, emotion and spirit) without the use of medication such as the drug, surgery and another form of medication. It is believed by psychic that herbal treatment, diet, and prayers can help improve human health conditions.


This has a connection with Buddhism and Hinduism that whatever you do have repercussions. However, morally it is said that we receive what we deserve by our actions. Psychic Liam said all our action has an implication, and this implication can happen immediately or can be carried to another lifetime. Also, Psychic Shawn explain this by using ripples that are formed when a heavy object is dropped into a water; some ripples goes backward, which means past while some others move forward meaning the future and however the splashes formed when it is dropped means the future.

These are some of the terminology used in psychic reading.

Terminologies used in Psychic Reading