Month: January 2017

How To Reduce Time Wastage and Become More Productive

How To Reduce Time Wastage and Become More Productive

A good number of people waste a lot of time on TV, movies, computer or even shopping. Time is precious, and once you waste it, there is no way you can reclaim. You need to be accountable for your day just the same way you do to your finances. Sometimes you can be very busy but not productive. The following are essential tips to ensure that you spend your time wisely.


The world is very competitive and sometimes you may fail to get enough time to handle all your chores in a day. You need to identify the critical tasks and handle them first. You can select two or three duties in a day, complete them and move to another batch the next day. You shall never get overwhelmed by responsibilities when you approach them with caution.

Learn to Commit

Most people get distractions which reduce their productivity significantly. Some of the biggest distracters are smartphones, social media, and loud music. Concentrate on one task until to end and then move to the next. You can listen to soft music if it allows you to focus. Avoid the company of idle friends while working.

Set Your Boundaries

Some people are so nice to others, and they do not know how to say no. Maybe you are one of those who will abandon their duties to help a colleague set up a new workstation. It is not bad being a friendly person, but you should learn when to say no. Others take every offer that comes their way and becomes overwhelmed. Take those tasks that you can comfortably handle with the available resources and time.

Set Your Schedules

You should set a timetable of your daily tasks and stick to it. Have a clear distinction between work hours, family time and leisure time. Do not bury yourself in work and forget the other aspects of life. Set your goals and plans on how to achieve them. As this website describes, personal development needs one to take the initiative, to commit and work hard.

Structure Your Free Time

Most people do not have schedules for their free time which affects their productivity at work. You can decide to take ten minutes on social media, fifteen minutes with friends and the remainder meditating. Structuring your free time ensures that you perform all the tasks that are not related to your work when you are free.

Proper time management leads to high productivity and job satisfaction. You need to understand the areas that need improvement and take action.