Month: March 2017

What is White Fillings dental treatment?

What is White Fillings dental treatment?

Lots of people find it so hard to expose their teeth to the world not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have the confidence to do so as a result of their decayed or colored teeth. It becomes so uneasy for them to smile in public, therefore, frowning their face to every situation that has every propensity to make them smile.

There are several effective ways of dealing with this type of dental issue but the most effective one is the use of White Fillings.  Actually, you can’t determine or decide the best treatment for your dental condition until you have series of meetings with your dentist for checkups.

Your dentist is in the right position to tell you exactly what you have to do after examining your teeth.

If your doctor recommends white fillings, here are some things you should know about this dental treatment.

 Ask Question

The very first time I visited the dental clinic, I was known for being inquisitive about things and this should be your act as well. It isn’t unhealthy but a wise move to know you are safe. Ask the doctor question like: How long have you been a dentist? Have you done any white filling in time past? If yes, how many was successful and what was the customer report?

There are lots of quack dentists out there and this is why you need to ask questions like the one listed above to ensure your teeth is in the right hand.

How is white filling placed?

After several checkup and examinations, your dentist will position the white filling in layers, thereafter, your dentist will shape the filling to fit the infected tooth and polish it.

What is the Cost?

You shouldn’t expect a fixed price for this as it varies depending on the dental clinic you are using.

Does white filling have advantages and disadvantages?

Yes, it does.

Advantages of white filling

This dental treatment will enhance your confidence to smile in public by giving your colored and decayed tooth the glittering white color that looks like other teeth. It adds stability and firmness to the remaining tooth structure and also helps to prevent damages.

Disadvantages of white filling

Yes, it has its own disadvantages.

There are things you must do away with after white filling treatment which might be so difficult for you to do like consuming coffee, tea, and chocolate. This can affect the color of your teeth, therefore if you are much concerned about the color of your teeth, then you must learn to reduce or do away from those things that cause discoloration.