Foosball Table Buying Guide

A foosball table allows you to have hours of fun with friends and family during your free time. However, foosball is also played professionally where different players compete for a prize. Therefore, before buying this enjoyable and entertaining game, a lot should be taken into consideration to ensure you make a good decision and don’t end up disappointed. A good table should meet your needs and withstand the challenge of time. Below is a guide on what you should know before buying a foosball table.


The first consideration you need to think about is what you intend to do with the foosball table. Knowing what you need your table for will help to determine what features you should look out for. This is because different uses require different features. For example, if you are buying the table for your kids, you may be needed to buy a smaller table where they can reach the rods and play comfortably. Also, you can consider purchasing a design and colors that appeal more to kids. However, if you want a commercial foosball table for your business, you should find a robust one that can withstand use for long hours by multiple players, and remain in good condition for a long time.


Different tables come in various proportions. Therefore, depending on the number of players you want to play simultaneously, and the room available for the table, look out for a size that matches with your size requirements. Take measurements and also take into account the space required for the players to play. Besides, a good table should not be too high or too low for the players. Thus, it’s necessary to consider the height of the people you are buying the game for and ensure it matches their heights.


The materials that make up a foosball table determine whether it is sturdy enough to last long irrespective of the level of play it is subjected to. Some of the materials used include metal, wood or plastic. Choose the material that fits best with your needs. Metal or wood are used to construct a stronger table compared to plastic. However, the cost of the table is also dependent on the materials used. Stronger materials tend to be more expensive as they are more reliable and more durable.


Based on the points highlighted above, you now know that choosing the right foosball table calls for a lot of thought. With these games becoming increasingly popular, there are new models in the modern day that come with more advanced features to make your play more enjoyable. Look out for the features you desire and see to it that you spend within your budget so as to get a foosball table that is suitable for your gaming needs.

Foosball Table Buying Guide