Improve Your Home With Different Types of Pillows

Do you intend to purchase pillows to make your home more comfortable and fancier? Well, there are various types to choose from, and you may find yourself confused as to which you should purchase. For that, this article shall discuss them and explain each of their pros and cons.

Body Pillows

No bedroom is complete without a body pillow since these are arguably the most comfortable. This sizeable pillow type serves to support the body while you sleep. An advantage is that it does not move away as you sleep, unlike other pillows. Moreover, it doubles as either a back support when lying down or as a cushion for as you sit. Another advantage is that it maintains the body’s position while supporting the neck, as well as both the back and front of the body.

However, there are also disadvantages, one of which is the lack of available pillowcase sizes. Another would be the fact that it tends to deform if washed too often. If you can live with these two drawbacks, then a body pillow is not a bad investment.

Contour Pillows

If you are a side sleeper, then you will benefit from purchasing a contour pillow. It has a curve which provides support for the head when you sleep sideways. An advantage it has is a good posture even as you sleep sideways. Also, it relieves snoring problems since the pillow’s shape enables breathing pathways to remain open for efficient breathing as you sleep. However, it comes with the disadvantage that you will not be able to sleep well if you are a stomach sleeper.

Down Feather Pillows

Down feather pillows are the kings of softness since these are full of fluff from waterfowl. For stomach sleepers, this is the ideal cushion to sleep on. Its advantages are its light, long-lasting, and washable materials. Another would be that they enable your body to breathe as you sleep, which reduces sweating. Also, it lacks the feather quill shaft that typical feather pillows have.

Their disadvantage lies in the material cost, thus making it expensive to purchase. Also, these are somewhat high-maintenance because they require fluffing and shaking. Overall, these are quite the luxurious choice for your home.

Feather Pillows

Look, it’s the traditional feather pillow that everyone loves for its softness. These are quite similar to down feather pillows, which means they have the same advantages. However, classic feather pillows come with various issues such as allergy-triggering, uncomfortable quills, odor, and production of noise. You may wish to opt for down feather instead if you can afford them.

Faux Fur Pillows

You do not have to kill furry animals to receive their warmth, and the faux fur pillows prove that. Also, these are great because they are low-cost, providing you a cheaper alternative to authentic fur pillows. That does not mean it is uncomfortable, unlike its authentic counterpart, in fact, these synthetic fibers are sufficiently fluffy. If you are interested, check online for top-quality Mongolian fur pillows as you will not regret purchasing these.

Latex Pillows

Now, this is much more high-tech than other pillows discussed so far. Latex rubber pillows have various advantages, such as biodegradability, flame-resistance, high durability, insect- and mold-resistance, and it is free of harmful chemicals even when you burn it. Furthermore, it offers a firm, cushioned surface as you sleep, maximizing your comfort. However, it comes with an expensive price tag, so you may wish to keep that in mind.


Pillows are a great addition to your home if you wish to make it more comfortable and fancier. Furthermore, there are various types you can choose from, including body pillows, contour pillows, down feather pillows, feather pillows, faux fur pillows, and latex pillows.

Improve Your Home With Different Types of Pillows