3 Surefire Ways to Entice a Target Audience on Instagram

From an outsider’s perspective, enticing a target audience on Instagram seems easy-peasy. A closer inspection, however, would tell you otherwise.

Posting interesting content can capture attention. Examples of “interesting content” are humorous, witty, informative, and controversial media.

On the flip side, what counts as “interesting” content is quite subjective. And why not go beyond merely capturing attention?

Capture their attention and then earn their loyalty. After all, the more serious audiences — the ones who want to invest in your brand — would want that.

Here are some surefire ways worth trying.

1 – Exhibit Relevance

Remember to be relevant on Instagram.

Post content that has to do with your brand.

To show you that relevance matters, let’s explore a scenario of an Instagram user that posts irrelevant content.

Let’s say you’re selling lawnmowers. If your target audience is middle-aged white men who live in Ohio, forget about posting content that perhaps only young females would like.

Don’t post about makeup, pictures of pretty girls, or romance novels.

2 – Be Relatable

Relevance and relatability go hand in hand on Instagram. Being both relevant and relatable scores you an A+ when it comes to enticing audiences.

To be relatable, you need to be relevant. But being relevant doesn’t automatically make you relatable.

For example, your target audience is the middle class who wants to buy affordable lawnmowers.

Thus, you should make it clear that you’re capitalizing on affordable lawnmowers. Don’t post content about expensive lawnmowers.

3 – Show Consistency

Lastly, be consistent with your Instagram activity.

If you go on a streak by posting multiple times a day every day for a month, be sure to continue this streak. Don’t just “pause” any account activity the next month and then pick up where you left off.

You can use scheduling tools that can help you with this.

Consistency suggests long-term thinking. And thinking for the long haul is a great way of enticing a target audience.

Especially if your target audience plans to grow with you, seeing you show consistency hits the right buttons. It helps solidify trust.


Enticing your target audience can significantly boost your success on Instagram.

In a matter of time, you’ll notice a big growth in sales and customer engagement. It’s highly likely you’ll see an increase in follower count, too.

Then again, a high follower count is no indication of an enticed target audience.

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3 Surefire Ways to Entice a Target Audience on Instagram