Long Term Travel is Not a Holiday

Such a title for this post and although there is some truth to it we each make our own choices and a long-term travel can definitely be a holiday if you want to and have the budget for it. For most of us, it turns into a working holiday though as we aren’t all millionaires.

It does depend a little bit on your situation, for example, I’ve been in Thailand for so long by now that I can’t even call it a long-term travel anymore, for the simple reason that they have already written me out of the register in my home country. It’s gone to such lengths that I can’t even renew my passport at a local government body anymore but I have to travel to a special office at the border to renew my passport, or at a foreign embassy instead.

Still, I’ve been living on tourist visas for almost seven years already so that makes it a holiday, doesn’t it? Anyway, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t really matter. But what does matter is a proper travel insurance. Imagine what can happen when you travel without one and you get involved in some accident. This can have heavy consequences not only for you but for others as well and without some sort of a backup, the problems can get completely out of hand.

Lucky for us there are sites that advise on these type of topics so that we aren’t all alone when thinking about this. If I have to be real honest with you I don’t even have a travel insurance myself, never had one actually but I’ve immigrated in such way that I own a car here in Thailand which does come with its own car insurance so at least I’m covered on that front.

However, if I end up in an accident caused by things out of my control, for example when renting a motorbike on some island and I get myself in the hospital for a prolonged amount of time I have a serious problem as I’m not sure I could afford the cost of that. Sure the hospitals are a lot cheaper these days but you never know how serious it can get.

A health insurance would solve that right away but I don’t have that either which is rather silly when you think of it. The moral of this story, be a little wiser than me and you get yourself insured or you might regret it for the rest of your life!

Long Term Travel is Not a Holiday