Important Features to Look when Choosing an Instagram Bot

Automation tools have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Similarly, their use and dependence across the different social media platforms have increased at a significant rate. In other words, they have literally changed the modern digital setting. Instagram bots, for instance, are used widely to attract more followers and improve your brand’s online presence. Even so, their popularity and increased use have not gone unnoticed.

Using bots to increase your following is a violation of Instagram’s terms of use. However, with the demanding nature of businesses today, most entrepreneurs still rely on bots to drive their online marketing agenda. If your mind is set on using a bot regardless, be on the lookout for the features discussed below.

Multiple Account Automation

Following the 2014 purge that saw numerous third-party affiliate companies shut down by Instagram, developers today have taken their innovation a notch higher. They are not only making safer and more reliable bots but with multiple functionalities as well. If you run several social media accounts across different platforms, you can find a bot that will automate all these accounts. With such a tool, your work is cut out on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook among other social media platforms. It also makes it easier to manage all your social media accounts, cross-promote your brand, and post similar content across different platforms.


The strongest and most powerful bots are auto-liking, auto-following, and auto-liking bots. All these bots can work much better and more efficiently with a scheduling feature. Auto-scheduling helps you to plan ahead and free up time to concentrate on other business matters. Your posts can go up automatically even when you are not online or too busy. Auto-scheduling also frees up valuable time to create or search for more compelling content. That way, you will always have fresh and interesting content to post.

Analytical tools

Without undermining the importance of your marketing efforts, it’s also important to measure your success metrics according to Fred Harrington. Your marketing campaign will not be as useful if you cannot measure its success. Certain bots come with advanced analytical tools to keep track of your campaign and provide helpful statistics. Knowing how your strategy if fairing can help you adjust certain variables to improve your reach and credibility.


There is a broad array of bots to choose from for your automation strategy. However, knowing what you need helps you to look for the right fit for your needs. Be on the lookout for any new and advanced features that can take your online strategy to another level.

Important Features to Look when Choosing an Instagram Bot