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Teens and Sleep – How to Make Them Get Enough

Teens and Sleep – How to Make Them Get Enough

Teens have a lot on their plates, yes they do! You don’t think so? Well, your teenager is most likely struggling with school work, hormonal imbalance, sports, peer pressure, and friends. On top of that, repeated research shows that many of them don’t enjoy a good night’s sleep, and that’s bad for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Sure, your teen can stay up late into the night. But, it is essential that you encourage him/her to develop a sleep routine that is in line his/her daily schedule. Also, ensure that your child follows a couple of rules to a restful night. Here’s how to do it and why it is crucial.

..But First, Why Can’t your Teen Sleep?

Your teenager may be dealing with a genetic issue if he/she wants to stay up late. See, your child’s internal clock, also known as circadian rhythm, shifts a little bit when the young one is going through puberty. The brains stop generating melatonin, a hormone that helps people fall asleep until later in the evening.

Also, teenagers tend to have a slower sleep drive in comparison to young children. In essence, this implies that they awake longer. In other words, it is harder for a healthy teen to fall asleep before eleven at night.

In this era of smartphones, many teenagers spend a lot of time on their electronic devices. At night, the illumination from these screens can harm the brain’s ability to produce melatonin. Besides, activities such as playing video games and texting keep children alert. In short, it is impossible for your teen to fall asleep with so much going on right at his/her fingertips.

But, They Still Require Plenty of Sleep

Your teen needs at least eight hours of sleep. He/she may require up to ten hours, especially after a day full of activities.

In reality, however, most don’t get as much sleep. One home study established that up to 75% of 12th graders get less than eight hours of sleep – and only 9% get nine hours or more.

At this stage, your kid’s brain is still developing. He/she may not make smart choices regarding high-risk behaviors. Add fatigue into the mix, and everything becomes chaotic. For instance, your teenager is more likely to run red lights while driving or drinks lots of energy drinks to stay awake.

Teens that don’t get enough sleep have a higher risk of mood swings and depression. They also have trouble concentrating in school. Plus, they mistake sleepiness for hunger, making them overeat. Of course, the ripple effect is that they opt to eat fatty, sugary foods instead of healthy meals.

What Can You Do?

Here are a few tips to help your teenager get quality shut-eye.

Get a Comforter

A comforter will turn your kid’s bed into a place of comfort. It will also provide the warmth the young one needs to fall asleep. Think of it as a way to help your child get into a relaxation mode a few minutes after getting on the bed. On that note, be sure to check out MyBedComforter to view a list of the best teen comforter sets on the market. That way, you can spend your cash on a comforter that serves its purpose.

Collect Devices at Night

Consider placing a basket in your living room where every family member leaves their phone and tablets a before going to sleep. You should set the time to do so, say by 9 p.m. Stay firm, even if your kid tells you that he/she needs to communicate with friends.

Make Sure your Teen Sleeps

Sure, there isn’t enough time for your kid during the day if he/she engages in school projects, work, and sports. Even then, you shouldn’t allow them to stay up late into the night to finish their homework.  Teach your teen the importance of managing time so that he/she can do everything during the day.

In Conclusion

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your children get enough sleep. You should, therefore, monitor your baby’s behavior and correct it if you think it is going to harm his/her sleeping pattern. Oh and, don’t forget to cut their caffeine intake at night.

Tried and Tested Pinterest Marketing Tidbits

Tried and Tested Pinterest Marketing Tidbits

Is your brand on Pinterest?  Well, more than seven million people are, including graphic designers, bloggers, businesses, and companies. Even then, drawing attention requires strategic planning and implementation. Here is a brief overview of some tactics that work.

Buy Followers

Pinterest, like any other social media platform, is a place of followers. So, you should make it your priority to get a big audience to make it easier for you to showcase your brand. On that note, consider buying your first few followers to trigger organic growth. After all, a picture says it all, and the more love it gets from your audience, the easier it is to propel your business to the next level.

Pin Regularly

You have to remain consistent on Pinterest to give your followers a reason to check your feed. Also, pinning regularly enables you to keep your level of engagement intact. It is essential to mention here that you should ahead of time to make things easier for you. Don’t forget to space your pin. In other words, you don’t have to pin ten times in a row to avoid any unnecessary bursts of content.

Use Rich Pins

Be sure to take advantage of the rich pins, a feature meant to add valuable details and info on the pin themselves. So, include headline and links on your pins. Your products should consist of real-time price and the availability of the items. Your movie pins should include things such as members of the cast and ratings.

Be Mindful of the Size of your Images

Your pins have to look attractive in the eyes of your audience.  Keep in mind that pins get sliced off feeds in the ratio happens to be more than 1:3:5. So, ensure that your images have the required height. For instance, if your image is 600px wide, it has to be between 900px and 2100px tall.

The Bottom Line

Sure Pinterest isn’t as big as other networks such as Facebook or Instagram. However, it is an excellent place to showcase your brand, product or service. It is also a good source of traffic. Note that you will have to write better descriptions to get the results that you want. They should be keyword-rich and detailed. Keep the sentiments brief and positive. Also, include a call to action to give the reader something to do. And no, do not use hashtags.

Categories of Martial Arts

Categories of Martial Arts

People enroll for martial arts classes for different reasons. There are some who want to learn a new skill; some want to learn self-defense tactics, others to keep fit while others want to try a career in this field. Martial arts is very wide, and it is hard for one to master it as a whole. It has its subdivisions, and you can learn one or two depending on your needs. Most training schools will have different programs, and you can have a look at LFF to learn some of the basics. Let us analyze each category into details


It is one of the oldest in the sport’s history and practiced in most countries all over the world. In the early days, it was just a general sport but now has subcategories. The most dominant divisions are based on the weight of the participants. We have categories such as featherweight, middleweight, and heavyweight to mention a few. Apart from the fighting part, you undergo intense workout to ensure that you are fit for the sport. The approach that the instructor will take will depend on your end goals. Expect thorough training if you want to make it as a career.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Just as the name suggests, this category finds its route in Brazil but is now embraced in most parts of the world. BJJ is all about tactics which allow a smaller person to control and dominate a significant person in case of an attack. BJJ mostly involves ground fighting, unlike boxing where the participants do the fight while standing. The sessions train you how to read the mind of your opponent and how to launch an attack successfully. It comes with a special attire and a belt which are explicitly designed for the sport.


Despite its popularity, wrestling is one of the most misunderstood categories in the sports’ history. Its fan base is enormous, but still, most people cannot tell whether it is real or just acting. There are different styles of wrestling that you can learn. One of the most popular ones is freestyle wrestling which allows you to use your arms and legs to attack your opponent. The approach that your instructor will take will depend on what you want to achieve once you are through with the training. Discipline is very crucial when it comes to this particular category that involves a lot of action.

Best Hand Blenders for Baby Food

Best Hand Blenders for Baby Food

When your baby is ready to be introduced to solid foods, you’ll want to consider all the advantages of homemade baby food, as opposed to processed baby food. Now, don’t feel guilty if you’ve already introduced your baby to processed food, but there’s no time like the present to consider homemade food. Here, we’ll review five of the best hand blenders to make your own nutritious and delicious baby food.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

The first-hand blender we’ll discuss is the Baby Bullet blender. One of the biggest advantages to this blender is that it allows you to make a week’s worth of food in just under five minutes, so this is a great product for parents who are extra busy. Plus, you can make and store the food in batches with the storage system that comes with the Baby Bullet.


Along with the fast processing and storage capabilities, the Baby Bullet blender comes with the following features:

  • The ability to make delicious and healthy baby food that is all-natural.
  • Save both money and time by making fresh baby food.
  • There are no hidden ingredients. You are 100 percent in charge of what goes into you baby’s belly.
  • This product comes with a one-year limited warranty.

This product is very easy to use, so this is the perfect opportunity to get older siblings involved in the care of their younger sibling. The Baby Bullet also comes with a cookbook for those that are new to the baby food making process.


Many parents who have busy lives like to prepare and freeze their homemade baby food, so if you’re interested in this, you’ll need to purchase your own storage containers, as this product only comes with six containers.

Epica 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender

The next recommendation for you is the Epica Immersion Hand Blender. This is truly a great product, and it’s great for making all types of processed food, not just baby food. If you’re one to use a lot of fruit in your homemade food, this blender takes on frozen food like no other.


The advantages to this hand blender are many, including the following:

  • Designed for simple use. If you want power, this is a great blender. If you want simplicity, even better. A quick one-click release button, your attachment comes off fast, making clean-up a breeze. Again, busy parents need all the time they can get.
  • Multi-speed for a variety of food preparations. You can make a variety of food using the blade speed adjustment features, so you can quickly get through the juicing, chopping, grinding and puree features.
  • Easy storage and clean-up. This blender’s parts can go right in the dishwasher, getting you out of the kitchen fast.

This blender also comes with a three-cup storage/blending jar, so you can measure as you work, or mix up a quick batch of baby food for when you’re on the run. You’ll also get a two-cup chopping bowl, allowing you the ability to quickly chop up veggies for your baby’s tummy.


If you’re interested in making large batches of baby food and storing for later, you’ll have to purchase your own storage cups, as this product does not come with storage containers.

KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender

The next hand blender recommendation for your baby food need is the KitchenAid 3-Speed blender. Making baby food is easy as can be with this product, and you’ll find it is useful for a number of your cooking needs. A space-saving unit that allows you to easily store for easy access each time you want to whip up a batch of baby food.


The advantages of this KitchenAid blender include the following:

  • A removable blending arm with a fixed blade, which is easy to operate.
  • A soft grip handles that offers comfort while working.
  • A whisk attachment, and a 2 1/2 cup BPA-free chopper attachment.
  • A three-cup BPA-free blending jar, which you can use for individual batches or store the batch for later use.

The attachments are dishwasher safe as long as you use the top shelf of your dishwasher, making clean up easy and fast.

This product also comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty.


Once again, this product does not come with any storage containers, so those wishing to make a big batch of food will need to purchase their own individual containers.

Vremi Hand Blender and Immersion Mixer

Our next blender recommendation is the Vremi Hand Blender and Immersion Mixer. This is also a great product for busy parents like yourself. This hand blender comes with four interchangeable stainless steel Blades and a 20-ounce travel bottle for when you’re on-the-go.


The advantages of the Vremi blender include:

  • An 8-speed immersion hand blender with a quiet motor, to produce power, not noise! Great for when the baby is napping.
  • A long shaft to allow you to blend food cooking in larger stockpots.
  • Narrow stem for blending in cups and bottles.
  • Four dishwasher safe blades to allow you to chop, whisk and beat, then clean up fast.
  • A 20-ounce portable blender bottle and a blade storage kit.

This product is easy to use, another great choice when it comes to wanting to provide your baby with healthy and nutritious food. This blender also comes with a one-year warranty.


Aside from the same disadvantages as listed above (lack of storage containers), this product does come in pink, so if you’re wanting to match the colors with the sex of your baby, this may be a turn-off for you.

Homeleader Smart Stick 3-In-1 Hand Blender

Our last recommendation for all you parents looking to make smart choices for your child is the Homeleader Smart Stick Hand Blender and Food Processor. This blender has variable speed control, allowing you a wide variety of food preparation.


The advantages to this amazing product include the following:

  • Simplicity and power. Because this has three different speeds, this blender allows you to prepare food a number of different ways, including the ability to chop, puree, mix, and whip. There is a soft grip handle that allows you comfort while you continuously blend.
  • Variety. Not only can you make delicious food for your baby, but you’re also afforded the opportunity to make anything from egg whites to bread.

This blender also comes with great customer service, 30-day money back guarantee, a lifetime support guarantee and a 12-month warranty on part replacements.


This blender, like the others mentioned above, does not have its own storage containers.


You know that making baby food by hand is probably one of the single most important things you can do for the health and well-being of your baby. Take the time to research the products until you find the one that is just right for yours and your baby’s needs.

Long Term Travel is Not a Holiday

Long Term Travel is Not a Holiday

Such a title for this post and although there is some truth to it we each make our own choices and a long-term travel can definitely be a holiday if you want to and have the budget for it. For most of us, it turns into a working holiday though as we aren’t all millionaires.

It does depend a little bit on your situation, for example, I’ve been in Thailand for so long by now that I can’t even call it a long-term travel anymore, for the simple reason that they have already written me out of the register in my home country. It’s gone to such lengths that I can’t even renew my passport at a local government body anymore but I have to travel to a special office at the border to renew my passport, or at a foreign embassy instead.

Still, I’ve been living on tourist visas for almost seven years already so that makes it a holiday, doesn’t it? Anyway, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t really matter. But what does matter is a proper travel insurance. Imagine what can happen when you travel without one and you get involved in some accident. This can have heavy consequences not only for you but for others as well and without some sort of a backup, the problems can get completely out of hand.

Lucky for us there are sites that advise on these type of topics so that we aren’t all alone when thinking about this. If I have to be real honest with you I don’t even have a travel insurance myself, never had one actually but I’ve immigrated in such way that I own a car here in Thailand which does come with its own car insurance so at least I’m covered on that front.

However, if I end up in an accident caused by things out of my control, for example when renting a motorbike on some island and I get myself in the hospital for a prolonged amount of time I have a serious problem as I’m not sure I could afford the cost of that. Sure the hospitals are a lot cheaper these days but you never know how serious it can get.

A health insurance would solve that right away but I don’t have that either which is rather silly when you think of it. The moral of this story, be a little wiser than me and you get yourself insured or you might regret it for the rest of your life!