Bait and Kill Disease Spreading Bugs with Saftey

If you live in a region of the world that has a tropical, hot and humid climate or extreme weather than you may quite understand that the summer season bring in some very unwelcomed, nasty and annoying guests or more appropriately pests that keep on disturbing you and spoil the entire enjoyable fun that the summer season carries with it. If these uninvited guests or pests are left untreated they can cause serious ailments and disease that can be life threatening or at least inconvenient and troublesome.

Recent statistic show that malaria spread through mosquitoes and other bugs claims death of one child in every 30 seconds. The death toll from dengue fever transmitted through bug bites are getting even worse as with other epidemic diseases, not to mention sleeping sickness, leishmaniosis, filariasis, etc. These diseases not only effect the developed countries but the situation is much worse in many underprivileged countries well known for their tourist attractions.

One powerful solution to fight these pests specifically bugs or flying insects is to use a “bug zapper”. It is a device that lures flying insects with light to a metallic grid with high voltage that electrocutes and subsequently kills them. Although, this device is usually housed in a solid nonconductive cage but still there are certain precautions that are recommended to be followed for safe deployment of these devices for domestic use. You can find more on this at the following link

Safe Placement

Just like medicines the bug zappers should be kept away from children. Some curious pets may also would try to play drawn by the attractive lights glowing inside the device, so it is advisable that they should be hanged with ceiling or put in a place where naive and curious children and pets cannot reach and poke them. When someone pokes his limb or an electrically conductive object, the metallic electric grid inside bug zapper departs an electric jolt that may be serious in some cases.

Protective Casing  

Most bug zappers come inside a casing that protects the components inside it. It is also there to protect against an accidental contact of an individual with this device. This is a mandatory feature that should not be compromised when you buy such a device. The casing also protects against unnecessary exposure of the surrounding environment with the ultraviolet (UV) light or any other type of glowing light to lure bugs inside the device.

Indoor Usage

When you are using bug zappers inside different kinds of vicinities then make sure that you clean the components inside such devices and the surrounding areas where the killed insect debris fall to avoid any unhygienic conditions to sprout. The cleaning should be maintained on a regular basis.

These simple precautions can go a long way with the health and wellbeing of you and your family while keeping your home environment hassle free and safe.

Bait and Kill Disease Spreading Bugs with Saftey