Preparing Nutritious Weaning Foods Fast

As a new mom, you usually don’t have a lot of options when it comes to what to feed the baby – just breast milk and baby formula. You most probably make this choice depending on what is convenient for the baby and what is healthy. Trouble comes when the baby nears the six-month mark – you have to introduce solid foods. It might sound a bit challenging, but it is advisable to make your baby food using a baby food processor so that you ensure your baby is getting 100 percent natural food. Doing this helps ease the transition from liquid to solid foods.

One of the best ways to maximize the use of the food processor is by knowing what steps to follow. Way before you think about learning these steps, you need to acquire the perfect food processor for the job. Once you have the appliance, follow these guidelines.


Avocado is the easiest fruit to prepare for the baby as long as it is ripe. Peel the fruit using a spoon and place the flesh of the fruit into the body of the food processor. Add some breast milk or formula and blend till it is ready. Spoon-feed the baby – very easy!

Harder Fruits

Fruits such as apples and mangoes that are hard need to be peeled before you place them in the processor. You can use a simple hand peeler to do the trick. You might also need to cook the fruits for some time to make them soft. This is where an all-in-one station unit from MRS foodprep comes in handy. You can use the same container to boil the ingredients and blend them into the perfect consistency.


This is one of the most popular foods because the whole family can enjoy it. However, you need to serve chili to your kid when he is a little bit older. You can prepare the chili in the normal way and then blend a portion of it for your child. Remember kids can handle foods that are no bigger than the size of the tip of your thumb to avoid choking.

The Lowdown

Weaning your baby involves introducing solid foods to their diet. You have to make sure that you do this gradually to prevent accidents due to choking. One of the best ways to prepare weaning foods for the kid is by use of the ideal food processor.

Preparing Nutritious Weaning Foods Fast